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Taking Champagne lovers to the fabulous place it is made!

Since 2015

About Champagne Tasting Tours

About Champagne Tasting Tours

A long Road

My passion for Champagne is the driving force behind our highly personalised tours.

After my first taste of Champagne I was hooked for life.

After moving to France to specialise in luxury photography for the big names Cartier, Hermès, Hennessy, Vogue even some Champagne brands as Ruinart that road took me far working with people passionate about what they do. France has an incredible sense of fine style, Champagne has one of the oldest history of striving for perfection.

Involved in luxury products, one is always searching excellence which had me touring Prosecco in Italy, Cava in Spain, and no less our favourite; Champagne!

Summers being mostly free, I found a way to share this passion.  Since 2015 I have been taking clients from Paris to Champagne on 100s of tours. Still learning, still improving and still loving it!

a family tradition

our story

My love of Champagne found a way to not only learn about this wonderful wine, yet share these experiences with you. Starting in 2015 the first E-Bike tours offered in Champage taking hundreds of folk out to Epernay. There is always something for everyone, regardless of age or level of wine appreciation, nor ability to ride*. 

Each tour garnered valuable feedback making for a deeper understanding of what you are looking for and how tours can be personalised. Never a scripted tour, always unique to each group, and your guide will be me! You are not just another client. Our tours are a way of sharing a special moment together adapted to you and your friends as the day progresses.

Not surprisingly, my son is a wine expert working for one of the biggest Champagne houses who continues to strive for excellence.

We do this out of love for Champagne, the wine and the region, its history, and deepest respect for the very people that work so hard to maintain produce our beloved bubbly Champagne!

Neil Snape

What we want to share

It's all about you, Champagne Tasting Tours we want to share our experiences with you, whether it be a fun bike ride along a quiet canal, or visiting multiple sites and big names Moët et Chandon, or Veuve Clicquot. Or small producers where the visits are intimate, often the highlights of most tours!Come with us, enjoy the countryside, drink some fabulous Champage, have fun, meet some new friends, and above have an experience that will stay with you forevermore.

About Champagne Tastings Tours Visits

Visits are the most important part of our tours. Small producers are unique in the way that a big producer cannot be. They always have a lot of love put into their winemaking, and are thrilled to have us visit. You certainly will feel the direct connection with their production. When possible a cellar visit is closer to what goes on in the big name houses. There is no script, no feeling of pushing you out, and most delightful for you is robust tastings.Big houses are interesting too, well polished, and entertaining. To have an idea of volume it is only possible in a big house like Moët et Chandon who produce aver 32 million bottles per year. The history of most big houses is also worth absorbing, as being on a tour of a Grande Maison de Champagne you are now part of that history!

You ask, we answer

Ask Us Anything

Two distinct types of tours. E-Bikes to be picked up in Eprenay. More of a bike tour with stops, the E-Bike part just makes it easier to get up to the top of the Hill in Hautvillers where the church where Dom Perignon lived and worked. About Champagne Tasting Tours where-how-when answers covered the “why” is obvious, you love Champagne!

By car, semi or private tours from Paris to Champagne, personalised for visits and villages. These can be extended with overnight stays if desired.

For E-Bike tours, we take a train to Epernay leaving from Gare de l’Est and return to the same. Detailed instructions will be sent. Don’t worry it is easy to get to, and we leave as a group, everything is taken care of.

By car we will pick you up if in central PAris or arrange for a pick up place that will be easy to get to. Since it is early traffic is light. Not true for the return to Paris thus a drop off point is strongly suggested if you have dinner plans (you can be stuck in traffic for a good while…).

Reserve your dates, your type of tour, expectaions, wish list etc. As soon as the deposit is paid, every effort will be made to assure your desired tours. That said the big houses have a high demand, so sometimes an alternative must be arranged in a similar house.

From April to October for Ebike tours.

By car almost any time just note that between Christmas and New Years few houses allow tours. Many also close after November until starting again in April. Please send a message if you’d like to organise a tour off season and no availability options are showing. 

Leaving tiomes are by car  generally 7:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. train departures) returning by car at 7 p.m. ( depending on traffic) or 6:30 p.m. by train. 

By car it is flexible if you don’t have plans, by train there is less margin for planning as train schedules are fixed.

For any other questions not found in this about Champagne Tasting Tours please use our contact page.

Champagne is a little cooler than Paris. Sometimes foggy humid in the morning. Comfortable shoes, and ones you don’t mind getting dirty when we walk into the vineyards.

Something warmer than you’d expect for cellar visits. For good reason all cellars are less than 12ºC 54ºF!!! all year long, so be warned. Summers are fantastic with many days of sun and warm if not hot. Spring and fall cool mornings moderate daytimes. 

Sports clothes is fine, or just street clothes. One could say to be respectful in churches covering shoulders is appreciated and no flip flops yet I haven’t had or seen any problems on that aspect in Champagne…

If you didn’t find what you are looking for in this about Champagne tasting tours just fire off your questions.