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Charles Mignon Champagne a progressive family run mid-sized Champagne house on the edge of Epernay.

One of the top 10 tours in Epernay

A family run mid sized producer on the edge of the vineyards in Epernay. 

Unlike other houses Charles Mignon Champagne offers many choices for what exactly you want to taste, too many choices but that is the fun part.

Their prices are local producer prices also a great value! Be sure to pick up a bottle or case of your favourite!

Coming from the Marne Valley they are a relatively newcomer to the other houses in Epernay along the avenue de Champagne. That is why they had to try harder, do things better, and bring together other partners to swing production beyond what is typically done at small producers in the Marne Valley. We really like their ultra modern vats, at the same time trying cutting edge experimental methods making for a promising future.

There are no secrets in making Champagne, it is what you do with the grapes that can make a very good champagne. What they do at Charles Mignon Champagne is simply a mix of hard work and an immense investment that sets them above.

Charles Mignon Champagne has modern stainless steel thermoregulated tanks, as well as experimental egg barrels keeps this house striving for excellence making controlled precise wines. Charles Mignon Champagne has many vineyards in the Marne Valley and some around Epernay with  Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir. They have a vast line of champagnes.  Since 2003, amungst prestigious houses of Champagne; UMC – the Union of Champagne Houses.

Charles Mignon Champagne Tasting Tours Thermoregulated vats About Champagne Tasting Tours
Charles Mignon Champagne Tasting Tours Thermoregulated vats

Familly run mid sized producer on the edge of the vineyards in Epernay. 

With the modernity of its stainless steel thermoregulated, small capacity winery, the Charles Mignon House produces precise champagne wines. Enhancing their terroirs and three grape-varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir) through exceptional champagnes has earned them, since 2003, to be listed beside the greatest and most prestigious houses of champagne with UMC – the Union of Champagne Houses.

Well organised and efficient cellars for ageing of some of Charles Mignon’s Champagnes.


Supplies from the best growths in Champagne area and the precise vinification of the Charles Mignon House allow them to present cuvees combining minerality, fruity and freshness. Bruno and the OEnologist of the house seek the perfect balance between the taste wealth of Pinot and the elegance of Chardonnay.
No doubt you will be pleased to discover the Charles Mignon style : “Structure, finesse and purity”. A style acknowledged and rewarded by more than 150 awards!


Bruno and Laurence have founded a Great House, but also a family with Manon and Guillaume. As young children, they both played hide and seek in the cellars… Today, as grown-ups, they take part to the life of Champagne Charles Mignon. With Laurence, Manon is developing wine-tourism activities ; with Bruno, Guillaume can imagine the future cuvees of the brand. What unites the Mignon family above all is gastronomy: while in the kitchen, some saucepans are moved around and some smells are arising, a wine is chosen to sublimate the menu. Take a look at their site Charles Mignon

They have a modern efficient classy room for welcoming guests. Even better is a paved parking with some tables with sun umbrellas for tastings outdoors when for hot summer days

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Vineyards overlooking Cumieres

What We Like

Best Tasting Points

Massive cellars directly built into the side of the hill where the vineyards begin in Epernay. A great selection of Champagnes to taste.

Could Be Improved

A little off the path, just a bit far from the Avenue de Champagne. Facilities for tasting lack charm.

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