Moët et Chandon you’ll love the number 1 producer of champagne.

Dom Perignon Champagne Tasting Tours from Paris

Walk through Moët & Chandon's 28km of multi-level cellars.

Moët & Chandon Champagne Tasting Tours
Moët & Chandon multi-level galleries under Avenue de Champagne

At the heart of the Moët et Chandon Maison lies a unique experience, a moment suspended in time.

Walk through 28-kilometres maze of underground tunnels that form the Moët & Chandon cellars and discover how they make champagne – a secret process passed down over the years from one Cellar Master to the next.

If you want to visit a house that everyone will know, this is it! Check out their detailed site full of great information. Moët et Chandon

Since 1742 Moët et Chandon’s passion and savoir-faire lie beneath your feet as you walk along the cobbles of Avenue de Champagne.

Moët et Chandon Champagne Tasting Tours
29528 bottles of the best! Dom Perignon

29528 bottles of the best! The last number is always how many bottles are in a row. Note the agrafe (staple) telling you these are indeed prestige Champagne to be aged for a very long time.

Descend to the very heart of the largest cellars in Champagne. Situated 10-30 metres underground in chalky soil, the Moët & Chandon cellars are the largest in the Champagne region. With a temperature ranging from 10 to 12°C, they are the perfect place for storing the bottles that are currently maturing there.

There are some secrets to be discovered, depending on your guide. Like famous people who have gouged out by writing in the chalk, secret galleries hidden during the second world war, deciphering the mix of Moët or Dom Perignon right in front of your eyes.

Do you know how to tell they are Dom Perignon or Moët et Chandon? Ask your guide.

Moët & Chandon Champagne Tasting Tours
Truly a walk through Moët & Chandon's history!

For me the best part of the tour is the history of the brand, how it formed, the marriage of Jean-Rémy Moët and his relationships with royalty, and best friend Napoleon Bonaparte, what when on and why. There is too much history for a short tour, and the details will go over the heads of many, yet there are important notions that span 270 years of Champagne love.


Champagne Tasting Tours from Paris Imperial ICE
ICE Imperial delicious summertime refreshing Champagne.

The pioneering spirit has always defined Moet et Chandon, from viniculture to new ways of inventing reasons to celebrate with champagne.Founder Claude Moët’s was a wine merchant before making his own wine. Wines from Champagne were always considered to be good, yet Claude’s insistance with influential people boosted notoriety.

His grandson Jean-Rémy Moët set out to conquer the market and soon transformed Moët & Chandon into an international symbol of celebration, accomplishing his lifelong goal of “sharing the magic of champagne with the world.”
Innovation has been our watchword ever since, making the world’s most glamorous wine new and exciting for each generation.

Speaking of which a very daring creation of a sweeter champagne that should be iced was launched for summertime around pools or the beach. Special plastic glasses were created, new champagne blends made this effort a success. You never know until you try!

Champagne Tasting Tours from Paris Orangerie at night
Orangerie at dusk

You’ll no doubt have to walk around on the Avenue de Champagne said to be the richest street in the world. Not because of the shopping, but the amount of around 200 million bottles of champagne under the avenue, including Perrier Jouët, Pol Roger, etc. On the opposite side of the villa is Hotel Chandon ( which doesn’t mean hotel in the sense we understand. At the far edge of a water pond shaped like a bottle is the Orangerie where you can actually host your wedding as long as you have only LVMH champagnes!

Champagne Tasting Tours from Paris Moet et Chandon villa Trianon Orangerie
View of the Hotel Chandon from the Orangerie

The villa is the first home of the family Moët, Jean Remy and wife lived for a while beside the church in Hautvillers overlooking the entire Marne valley and Epernay.

E-Bike Champagne Tasting Tours from Paris
The Moët vineyards at Hautvillers

No Champagne House could exist without vineyards. They have a lot, still increase the numbers when the rare parcels are for sale, yet 248 hectares is really not near enough. That is why they purchase as all the bigger houses do from others. They still do and always will maintain the historical vineyards under the church in Hautvillers where they still blend a little into Dom Perignon in honour of his name!

Champagne Tasting Tours from Paris Meet et Chandon tasting
Waiting for you! Champagne Tasting Tours Moët et Chandon

A tour of Moët et Chandon would be complete without a tasting. Here the Imperial tour includes one glass of the ultra famous Imperial Brut. If you can opt for the duo Rose and white or better Grand Vintage. Now everyone would love Dom Perignon but that is another level!

Moet hand made bottles
Some shopping at Moët et Chandon boutique
Champagne Tasting Tours Moët & Chandon
Bottoms up! Champagne Tasting Tours Moët & Chandon

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